What is Sports Massage

Sports massage is for everyone, not just athletes or sports people. It uses  a combination of a number of techniques specifically designed to aid in the prevention and treatment of injuries caused as a result of sports or work related stresses. It uses traditional massage methods along with deep tissue work, stationary and active stretches and mobilisations in order to re-establish balance and efficiency in tired, damaged or tight muscles.

Sports Massage differs from traditional massage in that it does not follow a routine. Each treatment is tailored to the needs of the individual client, and is entirely flexible during the treatment if needs be. Your therapist will endeavor to find areas that need to be treated, such as active trigger points (more commonly known as muscle knots) and target these areas as per your wants and needs. Specific injuries or problems will be assessed and treated accordingly.

Sports massage is an essential element for anyone serious about training. It helps keep your muscles in their best condition and helps speed recovery from intense training, helping you improve faster.

It can also help to identify and correct individual training needs, weaknesses, strengths and postural problems, giving you a solution that is long-lasting and tailored to your specific needs.