Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy, like sporting activities puts an enormous amount of strain on a woman’s body. Our centre of gravity changes, putting pressure on our spine and hips, we are heavier, creating more pressure on the legs and feet, and our breasts grow putting pressure on our back, shoulders and chest.

Pregnancy massage is a wonderful way to ease the stresses and strains placed on a woman’s body during their exciting journey towards motherhood. Specialising in sports massage, I apply the same techniques, tailored to the individual needs of my clients to help relieve the pains and discomforts of pregnancy.

Is it safe for me and my baby?

The safety of you and your baby is our most important consideration. As such, we do not recommend that you have a massage in your first trimester. If you have a normal, healthy pregnancy, pregnancy massage is perfectly safe in your second and third trimesters. You will not be asked to lie on your front or your back (all treatments are carried out whilst you lie on your side).

What products do you use?

I use Sweet Almond oil for all of my treatments, as it is the safest and nicest product for your skin, and will not affect your baby as it is 100% natural. If you have a nut allergy, grape seed oil will be used instead, which is equally safe and also completely natural.


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