Why Get Regular Sports Massage

If you’ve arrived at this site, the chances are that you know a little bit about sports massage already. Everyone knows that you come out of a massage feeling great, but the majority of people don’t know just how good regular sports massage is for their overall health.

Sports massage is a scientific practice designed with a knowledge and understanding of how muscles work, and what muscles need to be able to heal and perform to their highest standard: Our bodies are a collection of different systems working together to carry out our every day tasks. The skeleton acts as a frame. The muscles act as levers to control the frame. The respiratory system provides the muscles with oxygen. The digestive system provides our muscles with energy through the circulatory system; and the lymphatic system (part of the circulatory system) helps to get rid of all the waste products from our muscles, provides them with essential nutrients and hydration, and lymphocytes which support our immune system.

This is where massage comes in. It is clear to see why good circulation is important. The lymphatic system does not have a “pump” like our heart pumps blood. It relies on muscles contracting and relaxing to pump the lymph through our bodies. Massage helps to manually drain muscles of built up lymph and restore their full functionality so that lymph can flow freely and easily to all parts of our bodies.
So, massage is important for maintaining a healthy circulatory system, which provides a variety of very important functions.

Sports massage also has a number of other benefits:

  • Restores and maintains muscle balance to improve posture and efficiency of movement;
  • Increases our blood’s oxygen capacity by up to 15%;
  • Reduces the affects of delayed onset muscle soreness and exercise induced fatigue or pain;
  • Improved blood supply to muscles and internal organs by stimulating nerves;
  • Helps to expel waste products such as nitrogen, sodium chloride and inorganic phosphorous, which may promote metabolic rates;
  • Can sooth or invigorate the nervous system and muscles, depending on the desired results to promote muscle healing and calmness or prepare for an event;
  • Stimulates weak muscles lacking in tone, or relaxes over tight or shortened muscles improving muscle performance;
  • Reduce tension and tension related illnesses;
  • Improves the appearance of skin, making it more soft and supple.


Stress is a part of our every day lives nowadays, to some degree or another. Sports Massage also acts to decrease stress. Stress can be held accountable for a large number of disorders including hypertension, migraines, peptic ulcers, depression and anxiety. Stress can also directly affect circulation by contracting vessels, it makes our breathing more shallow and rapid, which affects oxygen and nutrient supplies to our bodies. It was also slow our digestion, by taking blood away from our digestive system. These stress-related conditions can easily reduce the benefits of a good, healthy diet too. Stress also does not refer simply to phycological stress. Stress can also be physical, caused by a strenuous job, participating in sports, or simply a hectic lifestyle.

Regular Sports Massage

So, whilst the effects of Sports Massage differ from person to person, the effects of regular Sports Massage are not only to promote healthy, balanced muscles and improve circulation. Regular Sports Massage also decreases stress. With more regular treatments, more benefits are felt. Sports Massage should be considered less a pampering experience and more an essential part of improving and maintaining your wellbeing and health. Those who experience regular Sports Massage will already know the benefits, and many people rely on it to reduce stress related symptoms. With regular Sports Massage, aches and pains that we grow accustomed to can be banished for good. One session will ease your symptoms, but in order to recover fully regular treatments may be required (your therapist can advise you on this).

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